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Stockholm, National Archives, Kopiesamling I, vol. 132 (f.d. Avskriftsamling, vol. 15). Klas Kristersson Horn's copybook, 11 June 1558–20 February 1560, and 30 March–26 October 1561


Klas Kristersson Horn’s copybook for the
years 1558–1560 and 1561.


Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici





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National Archives
Kopiesamling I, vol. 132
f.d. Avskriftsamling, vol. 15



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Stockholm, National Archives, Kopiesamling I, vol. 132 (f.d. Avskriftsamling, vol. 15). Klas Kristersson Horn's copybook, 11 June 1558–20 February 1560, and 30 March–26 October 1561
Klas Kristersson Horn
’s copybook for the years
1558–1560 and 1561
Fols. 1–279:
Klas Kristersson Horn
’s copybook for the years
1558–1560 and 1561
. The letters are usually arranged chronologically. However, after the letter from February 1560, ending on fol. , there is a group of letters to
) from 1558–1560, ending on fol. . From fol. begins a series of letters from 1561.
Second flyleaf: ‘Registratur opå alle the breef som her Claes Christiernnson haffuer schrifuit höglofflige och salige konungh Gustaff och konungh Erich och andre till vti the åhr 58, 59, 60 och 1561’.
(a letter written by
Klas Kristersson
to King
Gustav Vasa
11 June 1558
Till konungelige majestet
. Stormechigste furste aller nådigeste konung ... ... (a letter to duke Erik) wyborgz slot 16 februarij Anno etc. 60. [] (an undated letter to the king).
Her epter finnes the Copier som äre the Räwelske tilschreffne um deris fribijter
. (A letter to king
Gustav Vasa
, dated
3 July 1558
) Stormectige furstes och herres her Göstaff ... ... (a letter to the Council of Reval) opå wiborgis slåt then 20 februarij Anno etc. 60. (fols. are blank).
Copier aff the breff Claes Kristiernsson till Åminne (effter salige konungliga maiestets dödelige affgång) haffuer then Stormectigte högborne furste och here her Erik then fiorthonde Swerigis, Götis och Wändis etc. konung wår aller nådigste herre ganske vnderdånigit tilscriffuit Ifrå hans konungens förste regements tijdh huilkit angick ultima(?) septembris Anno etc. 1560
. (an undated letter) Stormectigste högborne furste, aller nadigste konung och herre ... (fol. 163 is blank) ...
Copier aff the breff Claes Kristiernsson och H: Larsson haffuer screffuit till K:mjt Ifrå Reuell
. (followed by a letter dated in
30 March 1561
). Stormectigste högborne furste A:N:K: och herre E:K:M ... (text from continues on ; fols. are blank) ... ... (a letter to king
Erik XIV
) Reuell 26 Octobris Anno 1561.
281 (279 foliated) + 1 folios
20,5cm × 29cm
Foliation (1–279) in ink in the upper right corner. First three and last folia have been left unnumbered. Foliation jumps from 233 to 236.
i + IV
+ 16V
+ IV
+ 3V
+ IV
+ 6V
+ (V–3)
Occasional catchwords in the lower margin.
The manuscript is in good overall condition. At least one of the three leaves missing from the last quire is a pastedown on the back cover. There are a few tears in the paper and occasional dirt. At the end of the manuscript there are signs of moisture damage. None of these affects the legibility of the text.
One unruled column (occasionally marked with prickings), varying number of lines (25–33).
Written in a cursive script . One main hand writes up to fol. . After this, one hand writing a script of varying quality, or two collaborating hands are mainly responsible until the end of the book. The scribes were most likely employed by Horn himself or by the city of
Simple pen-drawn initials at the beginning of each letter.
A modern half-leather binding over cardboard, with white leather covering the spine and the edges. Headline ‘Klas Kristersson Horns Registratur 1558–1561’ written on the spine.
The manuscript contains copies of
Klas Kristiernsson Horn
’s (
. 1517–1566) outgoing letters from
June 1558 to October 1561
when he was first the governor (ståthållare) of
’s (
) län (1556–1560), and
(by 28 July 1561) (see
Klas Kristersson (Horn),
Svenskt biografiskt lexikon
(article by Bertil Broomé), consulted 2015-08-21
The manuscript contains three separate sections: letters written mostly to the king from June 1558 to February 1560, letters written to the Council of Reval from 1558 to 1560, and letters written almost entirely to the king from March to October 1561. Probably the copywork was done as the letters were dispatched. The manuscript was copied by skilled scribes who completed the work in an organized fashion. The organization of the text is clear, there are but a few corrections in the text and the quires are regular. Presumably the scribes were employed by Horn or by the cities of
The earlier history of the manuscript is unknown. Possibly it was housed in the manor of
, in which the Horn family resided in
saec. XVII
“Två privata handskriftssamlingar”
There is no information available as to how and when the manuscript came to the
Swedish National Archives
; earlier shelf-mark ‘Avskriftssamling, avd. I, vol. 15’ partly visible on the spine.
S.n., “Två privata handskriftssamlingar”,
Historisk tidskrift 25
(1905), 116–118.
Ville Walta
Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici
Creative Commons BY 4.0