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Stockholm, National Library, B 47. Magnus Eriksson’s Stadslagen


Magnus Eriksson’s Stadslagen; Kyrkobalk from Upplandslagen and some additional texts.


Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici


Saec. XV med.


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National Library
B 47



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Stockholm, National Library, B 47. Magnus Eriksson’s Stadslagen
Saec. XV med.
Magnus Eriksson
, the
and some additional texts.
Fols. :
(imperf.). One leaf missing and another torn. This has led to lacunae in art. 14:5–10 and art. 17; cf.
Schlyter 1834, 6–54, 59–86
(invocations) Assit ad inceptum santa maria amen ... (Prologue) Gudh sielffuir skirade forste lagh ok ... flockum oc lagum opländzskum. (Index) Her börias kirkio balker oc tälias j hanum flokka twe oc tiwge. Vm kirkio bygning ... A Crist sculu alla cristne troa ... ... wari iorden ther som | xvii. Um frendsämio spiäld gudz ... hafua fast oc qwinna nekar --- ... landz lagom oc the wilia ... twa konunge twa--- ... hoor witer Ther äghir ... ... oc halfua then the fälla wilia.
Finito libro sit laus et Gloria xpo.
(followed by an addition of
saec. XVI
on taking an oath).
Fol. –v:
Oath formula
, in
(by two different hands of
saec. XVI
). Ed.
Wiklund 1915
Eeds sät at Swerria
. 1. Jach bider mig so gudh tyl hielp ... tu hörer het tyn dom etc.
Sewerin Wintter
Ensemeenen cappaledhet
. Minä rukoelen Jumala niin ... wallan weryn wannom.
Fols. :
Magnus Eriksson
; ed.
Schlyter 1865, 3–399
. Konunga balk 26, Radstufu balk 1 and Edsöris balk 3 have been omitted; a large part of Edsöris balk 19 was also omitted, but leaving space for it on the page into which the text was supplied by a later hand (fol. ).
Här börias kongx balker oc tälias i honum flokka xxiij etc.
(Index) Först huru borgmestara ok ... Nw scal man borgamestara oc radhmen wälia ... ... span skal wara vm alt rikit.
Här börias giptamala balker oc tälias i honum flokka xviij.
(Index) i. Först huilkin ludh man skal ... Nw wil man kona bidhia oc fästa tha scal man ... ... kost aghir til rekinscapts ga.
här börias erffda balkir oc tälias j honum flocka xxj
. (Index) i. Först huru bryst arff scal ... Döör bonde ellir hustru lifua barn ... ... som theta gozt gifuit war.
Her börias iorda balkir medh flokka xvij.
(index) j. Först huru erffda gootz scal vp ... Nw wil nakar sine tompt sälia eller ... ... hördo än swa kan widirtörfue.
Här börias bygninga balkir oc tälias j hanum flokka xixijj(!).
(Index) j. Först huru twe men sculu ... Twe men skulu skipas j hwariom stadh ... ... som sudhre browari lagh samw.
Här börias köpmala balker oc tälias j hanum flokka xxxiij etc.
(Index) j Först vm lösöra köp ... Alt theta gootz man köp fä howat eller klöwat ... ... aff thy som slat eller köpt är.
Här börias skipmala balker oc tälias j hanum flokka xix.
(Index) Hwilkin man til stadzins ... Hwilkin man til stadzins hampn kombir ... ... a hwars thera wegna etc.
Här börias Radstufw balkir medh flocka xxxv etc.
(Index) j. Ey ma man flere maal a annan ... Tre äru radstufw daga i hwario wiku manedagin ... ... torn eller j stadzins gömo.
Här börias edzöris balkir medh flokka xxv.
(Index) j. Först at rider man hem at androm ... Rider man hem at androm eller ganger ... ... hanga konunges hämpdh oc wredhe.
Her börias höghmälis balkier medh xi flocka
. (Index) j. Först än nakar myrder man eller kona ... Myrdher nagar man man eller kona eller ... ... om lagh som för är sagt.
her börias drapa balker medh wilia xvj flocka.
(Index) j. Först um nakar draper annan vtan ... Nw draper man annan vtan trangh oc wardir ... ... theta j twäböte än theta är forsat.
Här börias drapa mala medh wada xvj flokkar
. (Index) j. Först vm man hugger at androm oc ... Nw hugger man aat androm oc warder ... ... thera xx marka botum.
Saramal medh wilia flocka xxj.
(Index) j. Först huru man scal nnan til ... Nw wil man annan til sara binda tha scal ... ... oc wärias medh sex mannom.
Saramal medh wada medh ix flokka
. (Index) j. Först at man hugger annan mot sin ... Nw hugger man at androm oc annor ... ... edhin oc orkar ey botum.
Här fölger tiuffua balkir medh xx flokkar.
(Index) j. Först um tiuffuat warder ... Vardir nakrom manne tiuffuat ... ... skiptis malsägendom konunge oc stadin etc.
(Fols. , include notes concerning Ärfda Balk 15 written in the margin by a hand of
saec. XVI
Fols. : By the main hand,
, excerpts from laws and other texts.
Her fölger epter konugis gardzrät medh flokka xxiij
Erik av Pommern
; ed.
Klemming 1868–1881, 63–68
j. Hwilkin man annan slar j häl oc wardir gripin widh färske ... ... til sigir tha stande theta under sama rät. (On hunting; Östgötalagen byggningabalk 36:2–3, cf.
Schlyter 1830, 223
) Nu gange men effter elgh reysa the dywr ... ... äger hundz halfwan manx lut.
Om domara oc theris rät
(On judges, cf.
Collin - Schlyter 1827, 292–294
). Hwa som rättir domare wil wara han scal triggia handa ... ... brut oc ey aff sätias. (Sayings related to the office of the judge in
) Etas condicio sexus discretio fama ... et iste morem desiderat. (On the rights of Lapps, cf.
Beckman 1917, 44
) Hwa som rädder en lappa j hans liiffs ... vt til skiptis lagana.
1 + 113 folios
13cm × 21cm (9cm × 14cm)
Modern foliation in ink in the upper outer margin of the recto sides.
i + (VI-1)
+ 7VI
+ (VI-2)
A leaf missing between fols. 11 and 12. The lower part of fol. 12 is torn. Fols. 12 and 19 have been pasted to a guard. Originally they probably formed the outermost bifolium of the second quire. The final two leaves of the final quire have been excised.
The manuscript is in decent condition overall. A few folia have been torn, the edges of the leaves are frayed and several leaves have been darkened by dirt or smoke.
The manuscript contains four watermarks (see
Åström 2013, 54, 57
): two watermarks with
Piccard, Vierfüssler, 3, VII, Hund, 1393 (1351); Briquet, Chien, 3613–20, and Piccard, Vierfüssler, 3, VII, Hund, 1348–1399 (esp. 1392); Briquet, Chien, 3613–3620
) and two watermarks with a
Briquet, Oisseau, 12104–12116
). The watermarks have been dated to the
first half of the 15th century
one column with vertical and horizontal bounding lines, 27–31 lines.
One main hand writing a simple and easily legible cursive of
saec. XV
At least a few different hands of
saec. XVI
making additions and correction in the margins.
Simple red lombards in the beginning of chapters and articles (usually two-line; larger ones on fols. , , ). Occasional simple pen-drawn flourishing in the same colour. Chapter headlines in red in the upper margin; rubrics, paraphs and article numbers in red.
Dark brown calf over wooden boards. The spine and parts of the covers have been rebacked. In the middle of the front cover a carved house mark featuring an upwards pointing arrow with two horizontal strokes and one stroke on the right-hand portion of the arrow. Parchment pastedowns. The boards overhang the text-block. Remnants of a hook-clasp with a catch at the edge of the front cover.
The manuscript contains a copy of
Magnus Eriksson
written probably around the
middle of saec. XV
. It is a rather simple book of smallish stature and written on paper; possibly the personal copy of a city official. According to
Beckman (1917, 44)
the manuscript originated in
) based on the version of the
and on the small note concerning the right of Birkarls to tax the Lapps. The oath formulae on fol. 19 were added both in
and in
saec. XVI
. This, together with the inscriptions pointing towards
, show that the manuscript was still in
at this time.
Inner front cover
: in a hand of
saec. XVI
, ‘Thenna bock hörir birgitte Arffwidt olsson till’. Possibly this note refers to the widow of
Arvid Olsson
, a councillor (rådsman) in
1564 and 1566
. In another hand, subsequently struck through: ‘Joan olexala(?) y jerrula [Jorrola?] bye’.
Below this, in a different hand of
saec. XVI
, ‘Thenne bok hörer Seuerin Winter then(?) hustru(?) --- honom skinkit haffuer --- 48’. The same name appears on fol. 19r.
Severin (Söffring) Vinter
was also a councillor in
, between 1545 and 1566. The same hand added a list of purchased books with the headline ‘Tesse böker haffuir iach köfft tyl myn son mat[hias?] ... ’ (ed.
Beckman 1917, 51
In a hand of
saec. XVII
is, ‘H. Månses i Waltuna’. Possibly this was
Måns Andreae Claviger (or Melkorstadjedal)
, parson in
Inner back cover
: Several notes in
saec. XVI
indicating ownership by
Pavel Matsson
: ‘Pauel matzon is meine namen. Geburen to landztrone in Denemarken’, ‘dit boek hört my påuel mattson ... ’, ‘ Pawall Matzon Juull bin ich genant, Mein gelucke stedh in Gottes handh’. On fol. : ‘Pauel Matzon Jull’.
First paper flyleaf recto, apparently a reused letter (
saec. XVII
): ‘Venerabili viro domino Erico ---[pa?]stori in sponga fidelissimo --- fratri et amico dentur ---‘. Possibly refering to
Erik Eriksson Gåse
, parson in
Shelf-mark of the National Library, ‘B 47’, on inner front cover and spine.
saec. XVII
the manuscript was apparently taken to Sweden where it found its way into the hands of the parsons of Vallentuna and Spånga. It eventually arrived at the
National Library of Sweden
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Studier i outgivna fornsvenska handskrifter
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Ville Walta
Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici
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